Saturday, October 31, 2015


(How we are getting along without David Letterman)

I caught a commercial the other day showing kids going up to a house and trick-or-treating. It got me remembering how my husband and I always enjoyed David Letterman’s annual Halloween segment, where kids rang the doorbell and entered Dave’s “house” wearing a silly costume (Chap Stick that opens in your pocket, “obstructed view seating”, a men’s shoe buffer, a raisin that’s been under your stove for several years) and he would give them an equally bizarre treat (a plate of egg foo young, a Canadian passport, tickets to a concert in Germany, Carlos Santana cologne) . But now it suddenly occurred to me that this would be the first year without that Halloween late night tradition, since Dave retired in May. That put the “hoo” in “boo”! As in “boo hoo!”

So just how are we surviving since Letterman is no longer on the air? Surprisingly, it was easier than I expected for my husband and I. At least at first. We were watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. reruns for a couple of months, and that took my mind off any late night talk shows. But then they stopped showing that, and we were clicking the channels looking for something else. We don’t have cable but have never been at a loss to find things to watch; there is always something we’ve recorded, a documentary, movie or a rerun. We even started watching Match Game ’78 on the new game show channel (and it can get quite gripping, waiting to see who wins!).

And yes, we have checked out the competition, including Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Hubby doesn’t like either one, and I don’t have strong feelings about them—I can take or leave them. It also depends on the guest. I enjoyed Jay Leno sometimes, and always liked Conan O’Brien, but he moved to cable so we never see him anymore. I think Seth Meyers is pretty funny, but he is on a bit too late so it’s rare that we catch him. I don’t like any of these people enough to actually record their shows and watch them the next evening, as we usually did with Dave. Even if we were watching it live, we would still record it in case we wanted to go back and catch something.

Dave was definitely record-worthy. We have been a fan forever, and I liked him from the moment I first saw him back in the 70s on Johnny Carson, before he was anybody. As a kid in the 60’s, I grew up with Johnny. He was a legend. And now this new David Letterman guy was quite amusing. I also remember watching his new morning talk show with Paul Shaffer when I was a young wife in the early 80’s. And then when he went to late night, we were regular viewers. Even our older son was a fan; he’d come home from junior high in the early 90’s and immediately want to watch the show we’d recorded the night before.

We felt an affinity to Dave—it was like we “knew” him. He wasn’t perfect by any means; I have had moments where I disagreed with things he said and did. Take the appearance by Drew Barrymore back in the 90’s, for example, where she stood up on his desk and flashed him. Rather than being shocked and scolding her like I thought he should have done, Dave just THANKED her. And she smiled and the audience cheered. Real good example this sets for women. And then there was one of his last shows where he admitted he smoked pot. I was shocked! I never thought he would be the type to go so far. But I’m sure he doesn’t smoke it NOW, and that he would not want his son to ever use marijuana.

But I liked that Dave didn’t drink alcohol. Jay Leno doesn’t drink, either. But Seth does, and both Jimmy’s do, along with Conan and the new guy who took Craig Ferguson’s place, James Corden. I was dismayed when we tuned in to his first show and he had a BAR at the side of the stage. After all the years I have spoken up against alcohol! And after taking over for Craig, who was a recovering alcoholic!

Speaking of Ferguson, I came in rather late discovering him. I had seen Craig Kilborn years ago but never really watched “the new Craig”, until one night probably in 2012 or 2013 I got caught up in something he was saying—I can’t remember what—and he seemed funny. And then he mentioned that he hadn’t had a drink since the 80’s, that he was a recovering addict. From then on I was hooked. Even with his potty-mouth, he was still hilarious and, as he often said, “not like any other late night talk show.” Just seeing producer Michael always shake his head in mock disgust every time Craig blurted out a naughty word sort of balanced it all out for me (not that I wouldn’t give him a lecture in real life if I saw him!). Plus I did hear him say one time that he was trying to stop using bad words because he has kids. So he was at least trying.

So for awhile there we were watching both Dave and Craig, although I had a hard time staying up late enough to see all of the Late Late Show. I’d try to just watch the monologue and “tweets and emails” and then go to bed. We usually tried to catch Dave’s monologue, but if there was something else on or a recording of another show to watch, we wouldn’t feel too bad about missing it, even deleting the recordings we had throughout the week. As my husband said, “Dave is like popcorn, if he’s there and it’s convenient we can watch him, but we don’t have to go out of our way to see him.”

But then one night, I was looking at Dave and I said to my husband, “You know, he’s not getting any younger. He could retire someday and then he won’t be on at all. And who would take his place? I can’t think of anybody we like as well as him.” So from then on, we didn’t take Dave for granted. I insisted on watching every recording, and then, knowing how much I liked Ferguson, my husband set it to record him as well. So now we had a two-hour block of talk show madness on our DVR. We tried to watch as much live as we could, but we’d often get behind and then find ourselves binge watching on the weekend, trying to get through a week’s worth of shows before the next week started.

Well as we all know, in early April 2014 Dave announced he would retire sometime the next year. “See, I told you so!” I said to my husband. “I just had a feeling he would be leaving!” Oh well, at least it was a ways off and we could still enjoy his shows for awhile longer. And then just a couple of weeks after that, Craig announced that HE was leaving as well, and at the end of the year! Darn!! So BOTH Dave and Craig were leaving?? This was horrible news! We faithfully watched both shows, until Craig’s departure in December, and then Dave was gone the following May.

As for their replacements, we gave Corden a chance and I thought he was okay, but not record-worthy. Lately hubby has been recording Colbert and I watch when I can—at least the monologue and funny bits, and I must admit I have laughed. Although he drinks, and sometimes swears, and he’s not Dave. Also, both Colbert and Fallon have black bands. I know it sounds racist, but I just can’t relate. (Yet I’m perfectly fine with Ferguson’s gay robot skeleton. Go figure.)

Well, at least there are lots of YouTube videos of Dave and Craig (and everyone else). And Antenna TV is set to run full-length Johnny Carson episodes starting January 1. Thank goodness. Yes, Johnny drank. And I know he did other naughty things. But I grew up with him and I liked him, and that’s the way it was, dangit! So goodbye Dave, and heeeere’s Johnny!

Miss you, Dave!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


A young woman named Dihanna writes:

 Im against drugs that destroy ppl that turn them into fiends and irresponsible humans, im against drugs that make u turn into a violent person and that make you desperately addicted. Weed as i have seen the ppl that smoke or ingest it are always calm , funny ,n very hungry lol , it makes them reflect deeply about things most of the time important things. Yes they have fun influenced by this herb and so what if u consider it FAKE fun as long as they arent hurting anyone and they can keep functioning well in their life than it shouldnt matter to anyone if this is their hobby. You have never smoked it so u have a blindsided opinion about it and you need to stop insulting the people who enjoy it.

Sigh. I can't tell you how many people online say that if you haven't smoked pot, you can't possibly speak up against it, and that you need to TRY marijuana in order to have an opinion about it. They all honestly think that if only we would TRY "weed", we would see how "fun" it is and then we'd approve of getting high.

Here is my reply to this young woman:

Yes I KNOW that "weed" usually makes people calm and relax and unwind and high and hungry, etc. But that is what makes it wrong! That is why people are against it! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! This is good morals and just plain common sense! And it is ILLEGAL in most states! Kids need to realize the trouble they can get into if they get busted! It won't help to tell the judge how "safe" marijuana is or that you get good grades. Where I live, you will be treated like a number, a common criminal!

And it makes me FURIOUS when you people say that if I haven't smoked pot I can't possibly speak up against it! What is WRONG with you?? I have said over and over a billion times that you do NOT have to have smoked pot to know that people use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", "reflect deeply", etc. Pot smokers ADMIT this to us all the time online, and we BELIEVE them when they tell us why they use it and how it affects them! And that is why we are against it! That is what makes it wrong! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons! It is good morals and just plain common sense! Can't you understand that?? And smoking pot is not a "hobby"! It is drug use! We are supposed to have hobbies and interests to relax and unwind and enjoy life, such as sewing, stamp collecting, reading, etc. Not ingesting a mind-altering drug!

I say the same things about alcohol! Alcohol is a drug! Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law! And I have used alcohol! I know what it's like to be under the influence of a mind-altering drug, to get that "buzz", etc. I have explained over and over that I experimented with alcohol a bit in my immature college days, to be bad and cool and loosen up at a party. I thought that's just what you did! I wasn't religious then and I didn't even realize alcohol is a drug. But it IS a drug! Ask any doctor or go to any drug abuse website. It is the most widely used and abused psychoactive drug in the world!

Just because I haven't smoked pot does NOT mean I can't speak up against mind-altering drugs! I have used alcohol and I know what it is like to be under the influence! And yes I know that marijuana is "different" than alcohol, but it is still a mind-altering drug! Can't you see that?? You ADMIT to me that pot smokers use it to relax and unwind and "reflect"? THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT WRONG!!! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons!!

And again, it is AGAINST THE LAW! If you get busted, it won't help to tell the judge what you were using "weed" for! Kids need to realize this! But even if pot were legal, what parent would EVER raise their kids to grow up and get high on marijuana?? At any age?? And I know many of these same parents think nothing of sipping "fine wine" or having a beer with the guys, but they are hypocrites!

Comments like yours only make me angrier and MORE determined to speak up against pot, because I see how clueless you people are. You just don't get it! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Here is yet another comment by a pot smoker. Yes folks, this is the type of person we would be legalizing mind-altering drugs for. (Please excuse the language; I have tried to disguise it).

A sweet guy named Matthew writes:

f**king h*ll shut up already with your bullsh*t, reading all the shit you wrote gave me a headach.
let me smoke some weed :3.
if you need some for that attitude of yours I can hook you up, might change the way you look at it.
you can't judge people on something you find wrong, marijuana is as harmless as a drug can be.
you will have to smoke 15000 pounds of weed in 15 minutes to overdose...
weed has only done people right hasn't it?
as I said you can't judge so many people on something just because you personally don't agree with it.

My reply: 

Thanks, I didn't realize marijuana is harmless. I always thought it killed people. This changes everything.

(And the scary thing is, he will believe me.)


This comment illustrates so perfectly why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever, with VERY STIFF PENALTIES. Again, it is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it! blackrogue78: "You seem to not understand that marijuana has never killed anyone and never will kill anyone. Caffeine is more harmful than marijuana and is the most abused drug in the world, and yet you continue to demonize marijuana because your government as well as your sh**ty values seem to tell you to do so. Stop being a sheep. Marijuana has been used for over 9000 years and has only in the past 100 years or so come under scrutiny due to racially motivated schemes against the black population in the early 1900's. Think for yourself."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Girl Nudity: Be Careful What You Search For

I was looking for some pictures to put in a little toy TV for my American doll house, and typed "Christmas girl" in Google, thinking I would see a bunch of cute little girls with presents and reindeer and Christmas trees, etc. I could not believe my eyes when up popped all these lewd photos of women in Christmas skirts and Santa hats holding their naked breasts and posing in all kinds of suggestive positions. Even if you click on the "art" link it brings up all kinds of nudity and suggestiveness. What is WRONG with the world?? Is this what Christmas is supposed to be about?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Chicago--My Kind of Town

I heard Frank Sinatra singing on the oldies channel:

"My kind of town, Chicago is
My kind of razzmatazz
And it has, all that jazz"

Yep, every time I go to Chicago I think of the razzmatazz.

Thursday, October 01, 2015


From comedian George Miller, 1987:

“Remember the group ‘Bread’? Remember when Bread broke up and became ‘Crumbs’?”

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hilton Worldwide Will No Longer Offer Pornography

On August 17th, Hilton Worldwide changed its policies in order to remove pornography from all of its rooms. As a result, the hotel chain will be removed from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's Dirty Dozen list.
Hilton Worldwide is one the the world's leading hotel and leisure companies with operations in more than 85 countries. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) praises Hilton for its decision to no longer sell pornographic videos. Thousands of customers called and emailed Hilton officials to ask them to remove their pornographic movie options, through NCOSE's Dirty Dozen campaign. 
This victory would not have been possible without supporters like you taking action!

Other leading hotel chains like Marriott, Omni, Drury, Ritz-Carlton and Nordic Choice Hotels, also have policies against selling pornography.