Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flirting at the Gym


"You should totally light up. Sit on a beach, smoke a bowl and watch a sunset. I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Nothing better."

This is from a mother of two, who claims to use marijuana for "medical" reasons, treating depression and anxiety. She sees nothing wrong with using marijuana recreationally, uses the age-old excuse that pot is "safer than alcohol and cigarettes", and says she has never been arrested because she is white and drives a mini-van. And when I tried to help her understand why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs recreationally, she just didn't get it. I told her she can't be a TRUE medical user if she sees nothing wrong with using pot casually. She told me:

"It helps me, just as it helps other people. Panic attacks and depressive episodes are under control. That makes it okay."

But when I tried to help her understand that a TRUE medical user would agree with me that we shouldn't use drugs recreationally, all she said was:

"So your definition of a medical user is that they think 'recreational' use is wrong? Yeah, you won't find those people."

It is so depressing. I have been trying for YEARS to find a true medical user online, and have yet to find one. They are all alike. And even the "medical marijuana" companies are like this. They post things on their sites and Facebook pages proving that they think nothing is wrong with recreational drug use, and if you confront them about it they cuss you out and block you. How can we ever be in favor of medical marijuana if this is what "medical" users, supporters, growers and suppliers are like? We will all have to even be against MEDICAL marijuana, because obviously there are no TRUE medical users!! As this mother of two said, "you won't find those people."

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Make the Best PB&J


A reader named Jim asks,
"why is it wrong to swear, according to you? taking out religious reasons"

It's not wrong to swear, it's perfectly fine and normal and good, all parents teach their kids to swear, every child when it's born, the parents hold it in their arms and says, "Oh I love you so much my darling baby I so hope you grow up and cuss like a sailor."


This is a comment by a woman named Rose, a grandmother like me, who usually cusses away and thinks religion is hogwash. She uses the Bible to justify pot smoking:

"The first mention of kaneh-bosm in the Old Testament appears with the prophet-shaman Moses...The sacred character of hemp in biblical times is evident from Exodus 30:22-33, where Moses was instructed by God to anoint the meeting tent and all its furnishings with specially prepared oil, containing hemp."


An idiot pot smoker writes:

"for all your bull shit you never actually give any points against pot you nut job maybe try praying it away lol"

Seriously, I should post a comment from a pot smoker every single day, just to PROVE why we all need to speak up against pot and why it should be illegal forever, with VERY STIFF PENALTIES. Do we really want people like this walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? HECK NO!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Papercut PSA

Ranting the Same Things Over and Over

A pot smoker writes,

"You rant the same things over and over."

And this is why we all need to speak up against pot even more. This person shouldn't even be THINKING about such things as marijuana. I never do!

Sunday, April 09, 2017


This nice pot smoker is one of many who has educated me so much:
"I don't see you attacking anti depressants or other prescription pills. There are plenty of prescription pills that do very similar if not worse. Hydrocodone will do a hell of a lot more than pot will... And pot doesn't "alter" your mind at all. It doesn't change anything in your mind at all. You're just trying to do your little research without ever knowing. I'd love to stuff some weed up that uptight vagina of yours.. Maybe it'll loosen you up some.."

Wednesday, April 05, 2017


A guy named "Halloween Fanatic" asks:
"How can you be so against something you haven't even tried? Seems kind of stupid to me.."

It drives me nuts when people ask me this, and believe me, they have asked me this a billion times the past 15 years online, and it is one of the main reasons I realize we all need to speak up against pot even MORE, and why it should be illegal forever, with every stiff penalties! Do we really want people like this walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? Someone who would ask me how I can be "so against something I haven't even tried"?

I have explained over and over that you don't have to have tried pot to know that people use it to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", enjoy life, etc. Pot smokers ADMIT this to us all the time online, and we BELIEVE them! And that is why we are against it! That is what makes it wrong! We shouldn't use mind-altering drugs for these reasons, this is good morals and just plain common sense! What parent would ever raise their kids to grow up and get high on POT? At any age? And it is ILLEGAL! Parents HAVE to make sure their kids obey the law! No parent wants to bail their child out of jail, or have them lose their scholarship or job opportunities! And I say the same things about alcohol! Pot smokers all think I'm just so "hung up on pot", like I think it's the most dangerous, deadliest thing known to man. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Nobody thinks that! It doesn't even OCCUR to them that I'm against pot because it's a mind-altering drug. "What do you have against fun?" they ask me. "It isn't wrong to alter your mind!" And then they try to compare smoking pot to everyday activities like reading, watching TV, jogging, and eating, which they claim are all "mind-altering."

And these pot smokers think that I must be sitting here with my nose in the air, turning down offers right and left to try pot. Again, it is ILLEGAL! Even if I wanted to try it, how could I? Where would I even FIND marijuana? And even if I knew where to find it, you think I'd risk getting busted? And even if it were legal, I wouldn't want to  use it. I am a grown adult and well past the age where I'd want to use a mind-altering drug to get high, stoned, buzzed, relax, have "fun", etc. And it is against my religion! I'm a convert to the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we have revelation from God saying why it is wrong to use mind-altering drugs like pot and alcohol. Using drugs like this to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is. If I smoked pot to get high, I'd have to drop out of my church! But I never smoked pot even BEFORE I had religious beliefs! Nobody ever offered me pot or talked about it to me or anything! And I was a teen in the 70s! Same for my husband! And we sure don't know anybody NOW who smokes pot, approves of it or knows where to find it. But every time I mention my religion, the pot smokers blame THAT on my stance on drugs, accusing me of being a "brainwashed Mormon."

Again, I never even THOUGHT about pot before all this Internet stuff came along. I never smoked pot, I've never even SEEN marijuana. But boy have the pot smokers opened my eyes! I now realize we need to speak up about pot even MORE, and that it should be illegal forever, with very stiff penalties! Not because of marijuana itself, but because of the people who use and defend it!  Do we really want people like this walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? Heck no! 

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

I Have Never Tried Marijuana and Therefore Need to Shut Up and Not Judge


A gentleman by the name of Diego writes:

"shut the fuck upppp you have never tried it so don't judge it and you know nothing about it"

Yes folks, this is who we are legalizing marijuana for! 

Monday, April 03, 2017


A guy named Derek writes: 

Honestly you are one of the craziest people I have ever seen on this subject. I can understand that you are against alcohol and I can see how you are against marijuana seeing as I was against it for the longest time until I realized there are no negative effects it had on your body like most other drugs and alcohol. Look you need to relax you're getting all worked up over someone smoking a plant that has no harm to their body or others around them.

Yes folks, THIS is the type of person we are legalizing "weed" for! This guy is just like all the others, where he honestly thinks that if only I knew how safe marijuana is and that it's a plant, I'd realize it's okay! And he doesn't even care that it's illegal! Do we really want people like him walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug? HECK NO!